Inside North West Corner

Pictures of Old Milton Log Cabin
Inside North East Corner

Outside Front North
Fireplace Center South Wall
North East Corner & Well House
Back Wall & Chimney
Drawing of Log Cabin when fully restored. It is now 500 feet west of old location on other side of Milton Ave.
Log Cabin Moving down Milton Ave.
Log Cabin Going into new Home. Thanks to Georgia Power and AT&T for raising wires at no cost.
Inside facing South West Corner
October 14, 2017 Log Cabin Ready to Back into School Dr.
Had to remove chimney-fireplace, back room and front porch
George Jones (age 97) the only remaining FFA student builders with members of Cambridge High School FFA at open house.
John Marvin Dorris (age 99) other remaining FFA Student builder up until his death 7-20-2018, one month prior to his 100th birhday
Entering Milton Ave.
July 4th 2018 Log walls of new back room almost complete
July 4th 2018 two story log back wall almost complete
June 13, 2018 cement basement and porch complete